Property Investment in Port Douglas & Cairns

Whether you’re an Australian citizen looking to make solid, financially secure long-term investments in real estate, or an overseas property buyer who can see the incredible value in Australian real estate investment generally, Australia offers an unrivalled level of security plus magnificent opportunity for capital growth. When it comes to Australian real estate, Port Douglas uniquely offers the 3 main things we’re all told to look for when buying a property – location, location and location.

Buying a Residential Property

Buying a new home is not only an exciting time but, probably one of the largest purchases you’re likely to make, it can also be seen as one of your best long-term investments – so it’s important that you get it right. This means doing your homework and making sure that the property you will eventually is buy is the right one for you in terms of price, location, value, size and lifestyle. There are two main ways to buy a home – by private treaty or by auction. As a buyer, the choice is not really yours, as it is the seller who decides the most appropriate method to use to sell their property.

Purchasing Investment Properties

It is generally accepted that the average investor feels more confident with real estate as a place to secure their future, believing that over all it will outperform cash and fixed interest deposits, particularly for the medium to long term. Many Australians prefer to invest in residential property, as it’s a tangible, “bricks and mortar” asset.

Foreign Investment

The Australian Government’s foreign investment policy has been developed to encourage investment in Australia and ensure that such investment is consistent with the needs of the Australian community. The Government recognises the important contribution offshore investment makes to the development of Australia’s industry, resources and community. For more information and guidelines please consult the Foreign Investment Review Board website

Sale by Auction

A sale by public auction is arguably one of the most exciting, effective and rewarding methods of buying and selling real property and seen by many as the ultimate indication of value of the actioned property on the day.