3 Reasons to Consider a Mossman Investment Property  

Mossman may not be as large or as well known as Port Douglas, but this scenic town nestled in the shadow of the Daintree Rainforest comes with many benefits for Australian property investors that are hard to overlook.   Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman are the premier real estate agency in the Douglas Shire. OurRead more

4 Ways to Prepare Your Port Douglas Rental Property for the Market  

The Port Douglas rental property market is filled with a number of great opportunities for investors all around Australia. If you own an investment property in Port Douglas, then you will have plenty of interest from people looking to move here for work, family, or just wanting a sea-change. However, because of the growing competitionRead more

Your Guide to Renting Mossman Property

If you are considering moving to the Douglas Shire, then renting Mossman property may be the best approach for you. Mossman is a small town about 20-minutes from Port Douglas. It is well known for being the gateway to the beautiful Mossman Gorge, has the only high school in the region, and relies primarily onRead more

Transitioning from Renter to Home Owner 

Making the transition from renter to home owner is a major financial and emotional decision to make, but that can signal the start of a new chapter in your property journey. If you are a first-time home buyer looking to enter the Port Douglas property market, then there are some important things to know beforeRead more

Your Guide to Making an Offer on a Port Douglas House  

Making an offer on a Port Douglas house is how you express your interest in going through with the purchase of that property. Once you have made an offer, the wheels may be in motion for you to sign the contract of sale that will eventually lead to you owning that house. It’s an excitingRead more

When to Consider Changing Property Managers

If you have been the owner of an investment property in Port Douglas, Mossman, or anywhere throughout the Douglas Shire, you may be asking yourself if now is the time to change property managers. It’s possible you have been unsatisfied with the service you have been receiving from your current real estate agency and haveRead more

Your Guide to Renting in Port Douglas

If you are thinking about moving to the Douglas Shire but aren’t in a position to buy a property, you should consider renting in Port Douglas instead. Whether you are leaving home, moving for work, or just wanting to experience living in Far North Queensland, Port Douglas has a range of great rental properties justRead more

Buying Your First Home: Do’s and Don’ts  

If you are buying your first home, you could hardly ask for a better location than Port Douglas and the Douglas Shire. The Port Douglas real estate market is primed for first-time home buyers to establish themselves as homeowners – whether you want to live here, lease out an investment property, or buy a holidayRead more

Buy a Port Douglas Beach House: What You Need to Know  

Buying a Port Douglas beach house as an investment property is becoming an attractive option for property investors around Australia. Whether you turn it into a long-term rental property or a holiday house, the beachside homes of Port Douglas and its surrounding region are reasonably priced and appealing for tenants and vacationers looking to escapeRead more

Guide to Renting in Port Douglas

If you are thinking about renting in Port Douglas, Mossman, or anywhere in the Douglas Shire, there are some important things you should know before making the move. Especially if you are moving here from another state, you may not be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant renting a Port Douglas house.Read more