The Port Douglas rental property market is filled with a number of great opportunities for investors all around Australia. If you own an investment property in Port Douglas, then you will have plenty of interest from people looking to move here for work, family, or just wanting a sea-change. However, because of the growing competition of rental properties in Port Douglas, you need to make sure that yours stands out to potential tenants for all the right reasons.  

At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, not only do we have a great range of Port Douglas real estate houses for sale, we also help owners prepare their rental properties to be as presentable as possible during open inspections. Our team of Port Douglas real estate agents work hard to get your rental property in its best shape so that you never have to face long vacancies between leases.  

Here are the best ways you can prepare your Port Douglas rental property for the market.  

Rental Property Market Port Douglas1. Make Sure the Outside is Clean  

The first impressions people have of a property before they step inside is how the outside looks. If they see an overgrown lawn, a messy garden, peeling paint, and misshapen windows, there is a strong chance they will go back into their car and drive elsewhere.  

Make sure you tidy up your house by mowing, weeding, and trimming any trees or bushes that have overgrown. As always, if you don’t have the equipment to conduct these tasks yourself, you can always hire a professional to help out. Similarly, you should hire a professional to repaint your property if the outside is showing signs of wear and tear.  

2. Conduct Repairs Both Big and Small  

While a clean house is always going to catch the eye of prospective tenants, they also want to know that they are moving into a property that will keep them safe. If there are any repair works that need completing on your Port Douglas rental property, make sure you are organising them to be fixed before you take it to market.  

These repairs can be something big – such as fixing the roof or renovating the kitchen/bathroom. Or they can be something small – such as fixing a squeaky gate or leaky tap. Any work you conduct on your investment property will go a long way towards convincing people that it will make a worthwhile home for them during their time in Port Douglas.  

3. Make it Pet Friendly  

There is a large portion of tenants who live with pets, and they will want to keep this lifestyle going if they are considering renting in Port Douglas. Whether they are looking for a home or apartment in Port Douglas, they will want to take their cat or dog with them. If your property isn’t pet friendly, then you risk alienating this large portion of the market.  

Allowing tenants to bring pets into your investment property is a good first step. If you negotiate with your tenants to install pet-friendly features, such as a pet door and a sturdier fence, then those tenants are more likely going to extend their lease into the future.  

4. Hire a Good Property Manager  

One of the best ways you can prepare your rental property for the Port Douglas market is to hire a professional local property manager. At Property Shop, each of our property managers have extensive experience helping owners prepare their properties for open inspections thanks to our market knowledge, local connections with trusted trades services, and strong communication skills.  

Our clients trust our property managers because we work hard to get them the results they are after. We put in the effort to get your property up to scratch, market your property through all the necessary channels, and help you find the best tenants to sign a new lease. With us on your side, taking your Port Douglas rental property to market is always going to be a worthwhile investment.  

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