If you are considering moving to the Douglas Shire, then renting Mossman property may be the best approach for you. Mossman is a small town about 20-minutes from Port Douglas. It is well known for being the gateway to the beautiful Mossman Gorge, has the only high school in the region, and relies primarily on tourism, sugar cane farming, and exotic fruit farming as its main industries. For these reasons and more, many people love renting in this peaceful, remote country town in the heart of the tropics.

At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, we have our fingers on the pulse for everything you need to know about Mossman real estate QLD. This comprehensive guide to renting in Mossman will detail all the important things you need to consider when living as a tenant in this beautiful town.

Lodging a Successful Application

Whether you are deciding to rent in Mossman for work, family reasons, or you just want to enjoy living in Far North Queensland, you won’t get very far unless you lodge a successful application. The Mossman real estate market isn’t that big, which means there are typically only a handful of properties available for rent at any given time. There are many ways to make sure your rental application stands out, but here are a few things we suggest you include to give yourself the best chance of success:

  • Including your rental history will give us a good indication of how viable you are as a tenant.
  • Choose references who can vouch for you as a responsible adult capable of maintaining a rental property.
  • Attach any recent payslips as an official resource to highlight your current financial position.
  • Always follow-up on submitted applications if you haven’t heard anything in 48-hours, as this will show how interested you are in the property.

Rent Through Professional and Local Property Managers

At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, not only do we have a great range of houses for sale in Mossman QLD, but our team also boasts some of the best local property managers in the region. When renting in Mossman, you want property managers who have your back and will respond to your requests quickly and efficiently. You want property managers who will listen to your needs and act as a great communicator between you and the owner.

Our property managers will work closely with you to guarantee you are satisfied and comfortable during your time in Mossman. Just because you don’t own the property doesn’t mean you can’t make a home of it.

Great Barrier ReefLiving in Mossman

Mossman may be a small town, but there is plenty to keep you occupied while renting there. The town is home to all the necessary amenities you need to carry out a comfortable life. Alongside a grocery store and plenty of great dining spots, the town also has a medical centre, dentist, vet, and multiple day care centres.

The town is also nestled in the shadow of the Daintree Rainforest – with the Great Barrier Reef just off the coast. These two world heritage sites bring in thousands of tourists each year, and could essentially be in your backyard if you decide to live here. And with the abundance of work opportunities currently available in the region, now might be the perfect time to move your life to this gorgeous little community in the heart of the tropics.

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