If you are a property investor looking to make your Mossman rental property stand out, then you have come to the right place. Mossman is a beautiful town to the west of Port Douglas that hundreds of locals call home. Its bustling industry, friendly community, and central location in the Douglas Shire makes it a popular destination for cane farmers, local council workers, school teachers, and other workers to move to as potential tenants. 

If you own a residential rental property in Mossman, you need to make it an attractive option for prospective tenants moving to the area. Then once your Mossman rental property has secured tenants, you have a responsibility to ensure that their time there is comfortable so that all parties are satisfied with the lease agreement. 

Thankfully, Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman are your Mossman real estate experts and are here to tell you how to maximise the value of your rental property in this beautiful town. With an office based on Mossman’s main street, we are well placed to help your rental property stand out from the crowd. 

Understand Your Tenants 

One of the most important things that any investor can do is to understand the kind of tenants that may be living at your property. Mossman is a small, regional town in the Douglas Shire that is made up of a tight-knit community of locals, many of whom have been living here for years. 

However, there is certainly a rental market in Mossman that can be leveraged by property investors. Mossman is home to a bustling cane farming industry, and farm hands are always needing a place to live once they move up to the area. 

Mossman is also the educational hub of the Douglas Shire, with both St Augustine’s Primary School and Mossman State High School. The latter of these is the only secondary education school in the entire region and receives students from Port Douglas and other surrounding townships. As such, both primary and secondary teachers often live in Mossman rental properties while they are teaching at either of these schools. 

Mossman also attracts workers in the tourism and health industries, many of whom may be in need of a place to stay when they arrive in town. 

Add Value to Your Mossman Rental Property 

There are a lot of things you can do to add value to your Mossman rental property – some big and some small. The more you invest in your rental, the more attractive it will be to prospective tenants.

Some of the main value-adding steps you can take include: 

  • Investing in new appliances for the kitchen 
  • Undertaking a new paint-job so the property looks nice and fresh 
  • Updating the air-conditioning so it can hold up during the hot Mossman summers 
  • Allowing tenants to bring pets with them 
  • Polishing your floors 
  • Fixing any wobbly steps, jammed doors/windows, and broken lights 

The more appealing you can make your Mossman rental property, the more likely you are to get a tenant who will sign the lease and continue re-signing long into the future. Be sure to visit Property Shop’s houses for rent in Mossman to see our approach to marketing properties in this town.  

Hire a Trusted Property Manager 

Once you have filled your rental property with tenants, you have a responsibility to ensure their needs are being met while making sure that the rent is being paid, and the state of the property is being maintained. While you can undertake all of these tasks yourself, most investors choose a trusted Mossman property manager to take this load off their shoulders. 

At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, our experienced property managers are here to help. We will act as the point of communication between you and your tenants, while taking care of rent collection and any repairs or maintenance requests. We respond quickly, act efficiently, and always conduct ourselves in a professional manner. 

To guarantee satisfaction for you and your tenants, choose the expert Mossman property managers from Property Shop. 

Help Your Mossman Rental Property Stand Out with Property Shop

If you are an investor looking to make their Mossman rental property stand out, then Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman is here to help. Contact us at our Mossman office today on 07 4098 1333.