If you are thinking about moving to the Douglas Shire but aren’t in a position to buy a property, you should consider renting in Port Douglas instead. Whether you are leaving home, moving for work, or just wanting to experience living in Far North Queensland, Port Douglas has a range of great rental properties just waiting to be filled.

However, if this is your first-time renting, or you haven’t rented in a while, there are some important things to remember when looking to start a new lease in Port Douglas. At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, our team of experienced local property managers are committed to helping anyone who is thinking about occupying one of our rental properties. This guide to renting in Port Douglas covers everything you need to know about the application process, the costs of renting, and your rights as a prospective tenant.

Filling out an application to rent in Port DouglasThe Application Process of Renting in Port Douglas

Applying for a house for rent in Mossman or Port Douglas requires you to provide some important details about yourself, your previous rental experience (if you have any), and your current employment and financial position. This is all so we can accurately gauge the viability of you as a tenant for the property you are applying for.

After you have submitted an application, it usually takes between 24-72 hours before we decide on the successful applicant. There are many reasons we need a few days to make our decision, including:

  • Checking tenancy databases to identify any past issues in your rental history
  • Confirming that your application was completed in full and contains all the necessary details
  • Ensuring that your current income is sufficient enough to cover the rent
  • Checking your employment status, references, and emergency contacts

If you are the successful applicant, we will notify you as soon as conveniently possible. While we do try to notify unsuccessful applicants as well, there is no law stating that property managers must fulfil this responsibility. If you haven’t heard back from us after a few days, you are more than welcome to give us a call and we will inform you of the status of your application.

The Costs of Renting a Property in Port Douglas

When moving into a new house for rent in Port Douglas Qld, it’s important you are aware of all the costs that are involved. Before you move into your new rental property, you will need to pay a rental bond. The bond is usually equivalent to four weeks’ worth of rent, and will be refunded to you at the end of your lease, so long as the property is in the same or similar condition as when you first moved in.

We also require new tenants to pay the first fortnight of rent upfront, even if the rent is collected weekly from thereafter. In total, this means you need to budget for up to six weeks of rent to pay at the start of your lease.

Other costs involved with moving into a Port Douglas rental property include paying for removalists, packing materials, and cleaning costs if you are moving from another rental property.

What to Look for in a Property Viewing

When you go to a property viewing for a Port Douglas rental property, it is your chance to inspect the condition of the home and ask the property manager any questions you may have. Here are some of the key things to consider during a property viewing:

  • Inspect any damage in the property and ask the property manager if it will be fixed by the time the lease begins
  • Ask the property manager how long the lease will be for
  • Check to see what utilities you will need to pay for, such as electricity, gas, and water
  • Are all the locks on the doors and windows working properly?
  • Is the mobile reception good enough?
  • Who is responsible for taking care of the gardens and the lawn?

Coming to a property viewing with a list of questions and things you want ticked off will ensure you are making an informed decision about whether or not to apply afterwards.

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