If you have been the owner of an investment property in Port Douglas, Mossman, or anywhere throughout the Douglas Shire, you may be asking yourself if now is the time to change property managers. It’s possible you have been unsatisfied with the service you have been receiving from your current real estate agency and have been considering a change for a while.

At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, we have a team of experienced local property managers who pride themselves on consistently delivering quality services for their clients. If you feel as though something has been lacking with your current Port Douglas property managers, now might be the time to make the switch. Here are some of the strongest reasons why you should consider changing your property manager to get the most from the Port Douglas real estate market.

Your Property has Frequent Vacancies

The whole point of investing in a rental property is to generate income through the rent paid by tenants. However, if your Port Douglas investment property struggles to attract tenants and you are facing long vacancies, then you are going to be operating at a loss.

Frequent and lengthy vacancies aren’t necessarily the fault of your property manager, but it is important to check whether they are doing everything they can to deliver a solution. Ask yourself whether they have priced the rent properly, need to improve their marketing campaign, or don’t always choose the most reliable people to be tenants? If these issues persist, then you can’t afford but to try a different approach for your own financial security.

There is a Communication Breakdown

At Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman, we understand how busy property managers are. However, we also understand that one of their key responsibilities is maintaining strong communication with owners at all times.

If your Port Douglas or Mossman real estate agent struggles to keep you in the loop, then how can you trust them with one of your major financial assets? Ideally, your property manager should be keeping you informed about:

  • The state of the property
  • Any upcoming repairs or maintenance work
  • Any late or unpaid rent
  • Tenant disputes
  • Property market updates
  • Rental price increases
  • Upcoming lease renewals
  • And so much more

If any of this valuable information isn’t clearly communicated to you, then you have no chance to prepare emotionally or financially for any urgent requests that come your way.

Your Property Managers are Requesting Too Much of You

Just because you own an investment property in the Douglas Shire, doesn’t mean that you are made of money. If you feel like your property manager is asking too much of you, then you need to consider whether they have your best interests at heart.

Owning an investment property means you are responsible for covering the costs of maintenance requests. But if your property manager is asking you to pay for damages caused directly by the tenant, then they are asking you to step outside of your legal obligations.

Your Port Douglas real estate agents should also do their best to save you money when it comes to maintenance. They should partner with the most cost-effective tradespeople and compare competitive quotes to find an affordable solution for the job.

A real estate agent showing a young couple a rental property in Port DouglasContact Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman

Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman provide excellent local property management services right across the Douglas Shire. If you have felt unsatisfied with your current property manager, then consider making the switch to Property Shop’s Port Douglas real estate agents today.

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